Karson DeLancey Hair

Born- Monday, September 23, 2002
0842 Central European Time (0242 EST)

Asklepios Sudpfalzklinik, Kandel, Germany

3000 Grams - 6 Lbs. 6 Oz.(Avoirdupois), 8.0 lbs. (Troy);   49 Cm.- 19.3 In.

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Photos taken Sept 23... <1 day old

Mama & baby right after Sue returned to the Kreissaal room after giving birth, the first time she held Karson.

Tough day, time for a nap.

Karson did a lot of napping today.

Here he has his eyes open looking at Mama.

Here's proof that Joel changes Diapers, 2 so far & been craped on once while doing so, Sue'll get her turn!

Sue & Karson nap together.
The photos below were taken Sept 24, 2002. A whole day old!

Papa & Son.

Mama & Son just laying around...

and reading your e-mails.

Just changed, just pooped on Papa... Life's good so far!

Watching Mama from the crib.